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Who won it: Clinton or Trump?

JACKSON, Miss.- The first presidential debate which was held at Hofstra University in New York is officially over and the data is pouring in on who ultimately “won.” 

So far, polls associated with Time MagazineCBSCNBC, and Fox report that Donald Trump came out with the win. The average polling lead was 52-48 percent over his Democratic opponent.

Fox News reported that debate polls are a good way to gauge the enthusiasm a candidate provoked among those already planning to vote for them.

Many experts, however, are saying that Clinton was more disciplined and prepared for the debate and that a better depiction of the actual winner will be determined over the next few days.

“I thought Hillary did what she had to do, certainly looked more prepared. Trump was Trump,” said Mississippi expert and professor at Belhaven Jim Leggette.

Leggette said he found Clinton to be poised and in control while Trump seemed to interrupt and be “annoying.” He said he was looking for Trump to prove that he was of Presidential quality, and did not find that toe be shown last night.

Leggette did say, however, that Clinton displayed those qualities but followed it up by saying he was voting for neither and at this time would be casting a Libertarian ballot.

Another expert, and law professor at Mississippi College, Matt Steffey said he agreed that Clinton seemed to finish more strongly, but only by a slight margin. Steffey’s concerns were geared more toward who the candidates were targeting with a debate like this.

“About the only thing I’m seriously interested in is who they are trying to persuade,” said Steffey. “These debate performances have an audience in mind.”

Mississippians around the Jackson area were asked how they felt about the evening and this is what they said:

I didn’t watch the debate mostly because I think both candidates…I’m not satisfied with either one.”

“I don’t like either of them.” 

“Hillary Clinton knocked Trump out of the water, he was horrible.” 

“I chose not to watch the debate because I’m not satisfied with the candidates that we have.” 

“I don’t think anything either one of them says matters a hill of beans at this point.” 

“On November 8th it will just come down to which person I hate one percent less.” 

*All Man-on-the-Street interviews remain anonymous.


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