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Crews battle wildfires; over 500 acres burned

Fire can consume everything in it’s path. It will destroy homes, buildings, and wildlife. The Mississippi Forestry Commission has been following two wildfires in the state, as crews work to put them out. 

Thursday night an estimated 300 acres in Leake County were on fire or burned from a wildfire in the area. Thankfully no structures had been threatened and four MFC bulldozer crews were working to create a ‘fire line’ around it.

A fire line is when firefighters established fire containment lines around a wildfire. It creates a gap in vegetation or other combustible material that acts as as barrier to slow or stop the progress of a wildfire.

The fire has now been contained but firefighters are still on the scene to monitor any interior burning and watch for spot fires. Do not be alarmed, you may continue to see smoke in the air as the fire dies down. It took around 7 hours to contain.

Over in Choctaw County around 374  acres of pine plantation were threatened. Eight MFC Wildland Firefighters created a fire line and as of this morning the fire was contained. It took roughly 7 hours to contain.

Both county fires were in rural, pine plantation areas.

Earlier this week a fire spread in Yazoo City, burning 121 acres and putting 56 homes in danger. Thanks to 22 MFC Wildland Firefighters it took a little over 14 hours to contain.

“We would like to commend our MFC employees who continue to do an outstanding job. MFC Wildland Firefighters have been working day and night suppressing over 16,000 acres of wildfire since Jan. 1. Each of them worked long hours to protect people’s lives, homes, and forestland,” said Brighton Forester, Public Relations Director for the MFC.

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