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Women in Construction Program Builds Bright Futures for Women

BILOXI, Miss.- Do you like to build and make things yourself? How about learning how to do construction?  The Women in Construction Program in Biloxi is designed to train low-income women for careers in construction.

Program Director Julie Kuklinski said, “A lot of women come to us with low-income, minimum wage paying jobs and what this does, is give them job training to get them into good paying, high paying construction jobs.”

Moore Community House in Biloxi, wants to encourage women to pursue careers that promote self-sufficiency with building things.

A report says women make up almost half the U.S. workforce, but less than 3 percent of the construction industry.

The program is designed to get women into nontraditional careers that will also advance the construction industry in Mississippi.

“This program started in January of 2008.” Kuklinski said, “We began it and launched it from the ground up and it was in response to the needs that happened with hurricane Katrina and also with the needs for women to get good, high paying jobs.”

Since 2008, the Women in Construction Program has graduated 200 students and added another 12 women to that list Thursday.

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