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Your mobile device could get unlimited data once again

After a short time of restricted data plans, consumers may have a chance for regaining their unlimited plans once again. 

Most major carriers across the U.S. put limits on data plans a few years ago. Those include Verizon, At&T and Mississippi based company C Spire. The concern was millions of users with unlimited data plans using the networks.

Consumers first saw unlimited come back when T-Mobile rolled out relatively cheap plans last summer. Now a wave of providers are getting back in the game.

At the beginning of February Verizon Wireless decided to bring back the unlimited plans after consumer complaints. However, questions arise as to how Verizon’s network will handle millions of users now with unlimited data usage.

Over the holiday season C Spire offered unlimited plans for customers that signed up during a sale window. They were also providing free phones of certain makes and models. The unlimited plan during the holidays seemed to satisfy a demand from consumers for more access.

Most recently AT&T has come back into the game by offering an unlimited data plan once again. According to USA today they announced Thursday that they would no longer require customers to have DirectTV or U-Verse television service to get unlimited data plans. said that experts expected to see the unlimited plan come back, due to consumer demand, but believe that it’s arrival coming so quick is due to competitive assault in the market.

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