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You’re Going Back to Work (Federal Employee), How Your DC Reps Voted on Shutdown Deal

WASHINGTON, D.C.–If you’re one of about 19,000 Mississippians who work for the federal government, the unpaid vacation your DC government provided for you is over. You can pack your lunch and head back to your job, knowing you’ll get a full paycheck this time after yes votes by the Senate and the House late Thursday.

The dead funds the federal government short-term (through mid-January) and keeps the government from defaulting, at least through Feb. 7.

Many Mississippians were divided on which way they believed their DC lawmakers should have voted. Some wanted to see “nay” votes so that a stronger statement was made about defunding ObamaCare.

Here’s the Mississippi roll call for the House. Harper: yes; Thompson: yes; Nunnelee: nay; Palazzo: nay.

Mississippi’s two senators said the deal works for them, for now.

“I hope that over the coming weeks we can devote ourselves to thoughtful and productive deliberations on the budget,” said Sen. Thad Cochran (R) in a speech on the Senate floor Wednesday.  “It is important that we act to restore the confidence of the American people in the United States Senate.  We must take real steps to strengthen our nation’s fiscal foundation so that our economy can grow, and American families and businesses can prosper.”

Sen. Roger Wicker released this statement:

This agreement will reopen the government and allow the United States to pay its bills. For the first time in 50 years, Washington spending has declined for two years in a row. The proposal will ensure the budget savings, established in 2011, will continue. It also requires a budget conference between the House and Senate to address our nation’s unsustainable $17 trillion debt. While it doesn’t fix the problems associated with Obamacare, it is important for Congress to reopen the government, not default on our bills, and get this crisis behind us.

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