Jerry Mitchell, investigative reporter for the Clarion-Ledger, joined Gallo

Jerry Mitchell spent four years investigating Mississippi native Felix Vail, who grew up in Montpelier, Mississippi. Felix goes on trial on August 8th for the 1962 murder of his first wife, Mary, in the oldest prosecution of a suspected serial killer in U.S. history.  Mr. Mitchell covered the Vail story very closely and joined Gallo … Continue reading “Jerry Mitchell, investigative reporter for the Clarion-Ledger, joined Gallo”

Gray Tollison, State Senator and Chairman of Education Committee, joins Gallo

You may have heard recently about the massive $19 million deficit that the Mississippi Department of Education, and Gray Tollison joined the Gallo show to give you the answers you are looking for. Also, the guys touched on Charter Schools, improving academic standards in Mississippi, and more..

Alan Lange of Yall Politics joined Gallo with an updated Mississippi presidential poll

Well, whad’ya know? Donald Trump is the leading candidate for President in Mississippi.  Now, that shouldn’t surprise you, but Alan Lange brought with him some interesting polling data from you Mississippians. Check it out..

Film Study: Chad Kelly can beat you in multiple ways

As part of his “Film Study” series, Head to Head’s Matt Wyatt breaks down plays from the biggest names in Mississippi sports. Check out his analysis of Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly here: For the rest of Wyatt’s “Film Study” breakdowns, click here

Andy Gipson, MS House of Representatives Seat 77, joins Gallo

As a Mississippian, are you worried about your taxes being raised?  What about the state of mental health care in Mississippi? State Representative Andy Gipson joined Gallo to give his thoughts on those things and previews the upcoming legislative session

Congressman Palazzo joins the Gallo Radio Show

“We know Hillary will appoint 2-3 of the most liberal judges in the history of America & it will affect the United States for at least the next 50 years…” – Congressman Palazzo Congressman Steven Palazzo talks about the stark contrast between Trump and Hillary as well as the way the Liberal Media has affected … Continue reading “Congressman Palazzo joins the Gallo Radio Show”