Gallo Tries to Make Sense of the “No Fat Stripper” Law Proposed in Louisiana

Representative Kenneth E. Havard of Jackson Parish, Louisiana proposed a … controversial … amendment to a bill recently that would limit a strippers weight to 160 pounds and their age to a maximum of 28-years-old.  He said their “safety” was his motivation for the amendment, but Paul and Perez have other ideas….

Richard’s Monday Morning Thoughts…

Our very own Richard Cross, co-host of Head to Head, graced your Twitter feed with a glorious 5-Tweet soliloquy with his “Monday Morning Thoughts” that we thought were too good not to share.  Enjoy:   Monday morning thoughts… 1. Fans’ passion is why I have a job that I love, so, thanks for being passionate … Continue reading “Richard’s Monday Morning Thoughts…”

Does the national media make a conscious effort to tell minorities who to vote for?

The distrust of the main-stream media is at an all time high.  Gallo breaks down an example, from a focus group of Trump supporters hosted by CNN’s Drew Griffin, questioning minority voters on their selection.  How big of a problem is this?  Do you agree with Paul’s assessment?

Is allowing pharmacies to decline services that cause them to lose money a necessary thing?

House Representative Sam Mims joined Gallo to explain the motivation behind the new law that allows pharmacists to deny transactions, the misconception surrounding mental health legislation, and more..

Baseball: Richard Cross’ All-SEC Teams

The SEC is widely known as the country’s most dominant baseball conference, and the 2016 season has been no exception.  In the latest rankings, the SEC has as many as SEVEN teams ranked in the top-25.  As a result, selecting an all-conference first and second team is a difficult task, but Head to Head’s Richard … Continue reading “Baseball: Richard Cross’ All-SEC Teams”

Keeping Your Children Safe In & Around the Car

In light of the recent tragic death of a 2 year old child in Madison County that was accidentally left in the backseat of the mother’s car, Lt Johnny Poulos, Director of the Public Affairs Division for the Mississippi Highway Patrol, talks about how to keep your children safe both in and around your car:

Mississippi Receives Award for Innovation for Education Reform

Jeremy Anderson, President of the Education Commission of the States, and Laurie Smith, the Governor’s education policy advisor, talk about Mississippi receiving the 2016 Frank Newman Award for State Innovation for a transformational education reform package that prioritized early learning reading skills, expanded charter schools opportunities and created a clear A-F rating system for schools. … Continue reading “Mississippi Receives Award for Innovation for Education Reform”

Governor Bryant on the ACLU Lawsuit and an Apparent Budget Error

Governor Phil Bryant joined the JT Show to discuss both the ACLU lawsuit against the state of Mississippi on the grounds of HB 1523, and a budget error that puts the budget deficit $54 million more in the hole. Check out the audio below as Governor Bryant sounds off on the ACLU’s lawsuit: Governor Bryant … Continue reading “Governor Bryant on the ACLU Lawsuit and an Apparent Budget Error”

This Weekend with Tanya T – 5/6/2016

Nothing screams summer is coming better than a great blockbuster!  Captain America:  Civil War picks up a year after the events in The Avengers: Age of Ultron and finds that the government thinks our favorite superheroes need a babysitter.  Because their good deeds have caused quite a bit of devastation, the United Nations proposes to establish a … Continue reading “This Weekend with Tanya T – 5/6/2016”

This Weekend with Tanya T – 4/29/16

Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts on the same big screen?  Yes, please!  Mother’s Day tells the story of several women coming to terms with their relationships with their respective mothers as the holiday draws near.  You’ve already heard about Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston, but the movie also stars Kate Hudson, Jason Sudeikis, Margo Martindale … Continue reading “This Weekend with Tanya T – 4/29/16”

Mitch Tyner talks Delegates & a Text Message from Nosef

Mitch Tyner, Mississippi Chair for the Trump Campaign, discusses delegates, Trump’s chances of getting to that golden number of 1,237, and a text message that Joe Nosef supposedly sent him that Tyner claims threatened the use of law enforcement to get their way to select the delegates to go to Ohio.  Check out the interview below: … Continue reading “Mitch Tyner talks Delegates & a Text Message from Nosef”

GalloSnippet: Lynn Fitch & Mitch Tyner

30-Second Snippet: State Treasurer Lynn Fitch says she is appalled over the bond bills that passed in the recently completed Session that should not have met the State’s criteria for passage- 60-Second Snippet: State Chairman for the Trump Campaign, Mitch Tyner, suggests that the governor remove State Party Chairman of the GOP, Joe Nosef, Jr. for (alleged) threat in … Continue reading “GalloSnippet: Lynn Fitch & Mitch Tyner”

This Weekend with Tanya T – 4/15/2016

The “Bare Necessities” are all that you need to escape this wet start to the weekend.  The Jungle Book – a beloved animated musical classic – returns as a live action movie, complete with all your favorite characters and that catchy song.  It’s already earned the Critics’ Choice Seal of Distinction and introduces Neel Sethi … Continue reading “This Weekend with Tanya T – 4/15/2016”

Greg Snowden Defends the Passing of the Religious Liberties Act

Speaker Pro Tem Greg Snowden joined the Gallo Radio Show Wednesday morning to discuss what HB 1523, “Protecting Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act”, does and doesn’t do.  He also discusses his frustrations with how the media and some Mississippians have reacted:

MSGRC Tickets – Enter to WIN!

We are giving away 5 pairs of tickets to the Mississippi Gulf Resort Classic Presented by C Spire  (March 31-April 3). To enter, simply fill out the form below.  We will be contacting winners Tuesday and tickets will be available for pick-up at Will Call.  Good luck!    

Enter to WIN MSU Baseball Tickets!

We have a set of 4 tickets to the Bulldawg’s matchup against Oregon on Friday, March 11th AND 3 tickets for MSU’s matchup against Oregon on Sunday, March 13th.  This will be a flash giveaway so we will be choosing winners shortly and reaching out through email.  *Please note: Because the tickets are at our … Continue reading “Enter to WIN MSU Baseball Tickets!”

This Weekend With Tanya T – 2/19/16

There are three new releases this weekend that you need to know about:   First up, Risen tells the story of Jesus’ resurrection, from the perspective of a non-believer.  When Jesus’ body disappears, Pontius Pilate enlists the help of a Roman soldier to find the body to prevent an uprising in Jerusalem.  Rated PG-13 for … Continue reading “This Weekend With Tanya T – 2/19/16”

Robert St. John’s Spinach & Pepper-Jack Dip

Chain restaurants have beaten the spinach-artichoke horse to death. There are no artichokes in this recipe (which is a good thing… since the ingredient listing is rather long) but the chains can’t compare with this homemade version. Ingredients: 2 Tbl butter 1 /2 cup onion, minced 1 /4 cup celery, chopped fine 1 /4 cup … Continue reading “Robert St. John’s Spinach & Pepper-Jack Dip”

Overtime: Do recruiting rankings matter?

Welcome to the first installment of “Overtime”, a weekly sports column here on  The topics will vary from week to week and will be centered around Mississippi sports and stories/experiences that come with being a fan in this great state.  Thank you for checking it out and I hope you enjoy what we have … Continue reading “Overtime: Do recruiting rankings matter?”

GalloSnippet: John Reeves and Okolo Rashid

60 second snippet of John Reeves, former legislator and attorney, talking about his relationship with Jackson City Councilman Kenneth Stokes. Stokes makes national news for comments about cops:   60 second snippet of Okolo Rashid, founder and Executive Director of the International Museum of Muslim Cultures, as she answers the age old question about whether Islam men who … Continue reading “GalloSnippet: John Reeves and Okolo Rashid”

This Weekend with Tanya T – 1/8/2016

Happy 2016!  The best part of the new year is that it kicks off awards season.  This weekend there’s the Golden Globes, next week Oscar nominations are announced followed by the Critics’ Choice Awards.  I’ll be at the CCA’s, so be sure to follow me on twitter at TanyaTSupertalk for a behind-the scenes look at … Continue reading “This Weekend with Tanya T – 1/8/2016”

JT & Andy Berry tackle Congresses decision to repeal the country-of-origin law

Odds are, you are the type of person that likes to know where your food comes from. You would at least like to know whether your beef & pork comes from a local farm or halfway around the globe. If either of the latter is correct about you, than prepare to be seriously disappointed in … Continue reading “JT & Andy Berry tackle Congresses decision to repeal the country-of-origin law”