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A quick thought and recap of the pine belt tornado damage

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It looked like an above ground bomb had detonated. The grass as green as sapphire, but any and all things above, twisted and left dangling.

This was the first tornado I’ve been asked to cover. Having grown up in tornado alley, events like what happened in Hattiesburg, Petal and the rest of the pine belt, aren’t foreign to me or any other journalist in this part of the country. But what I saw Thursday, was more penetrating then most of the stories I cover.

Below are some of the videos I took. You’ll have to forgive me if sometimes the picture turns upside down (Apparently I don’t know how to work an IPhone).

Below are two interviews with victims of Saturday’s storms.

Here is a conversation we had with Rick Shows who’s home and businesses were destroyed in Petal.

Interview with Pawlett Pierson and Tammy Homes.  The two live near William Carey University. Homes described having to drag her husband into the bathtub.



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