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America’s energy potential looking up

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Temperatures are high but gas prices are low.

While the temps are creeping up, gas prices are the lowest that they’ve been in a decade.

The average Mississippi gas price is currently at $1.96 but prices are going as low as $1.81 in some parts of the state.

Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker says that the low prices are good for Mississippians and for the states’ energy potential.

“Less pain at the pump can translate into more spending power for consumers, helping to boost the economy,” said Wicker.

Wicker adds that low prices help gauge the future of the United States energy.

“Rising U.S. exports in oil and natural gas are an encouraging sign that America’s energy independence is within reach,” said Wicker. “The Energy Information Administration, an agency within the Department of Energy,
has pinpointed 2026 as the year in which America could become a net exporter of energy.

Wicker says the future could see Americans relying less on foreign oil as well.

The move would also increase the nation’s security.

“An energy-independent United States could decrease its reliance on oil from volatile suppliers like Venezuela, which has been roiled by anti-government protests in recent months,” said Wicker. “As a net exporter, the United State could also help bring energy security to Eastern Europe and lessen the influence that Russia is trying to gain in the region by leveraging its energy resources.”

To do this, senators in Washington are looking to introduce an energy and natural resources bill.

“Included in the bill’s provisions is the need for better infrastructure, greater efficiency, responsible resource development, and expanded access for sportsmen on federal lands,” said Wicker.

However, the country’s ability to lead in energy is not the issue.

“America’s capacity to be a global energy leader is not in question,” said Wicker. “It is a matter of when our vast energy potential is unleashed.”

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