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AMR on the fair grounds in case of emergencies

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The Mississippi State Fair is in Jackson and everyone is coming out to enjoy the festivities. Along with law enforcement, and food inspectors, AMR first responders will be on sight throughout the fair to offer help if needed. 

The fair lasts from October 4 to the 15th. Often times folks visiting the fair suffer from serious illness like trouble breathing, chest pain, or a diabetic emergency.

AMR provides emergency medical service on the fairgrounds every hour the fair is open to the public. They use golfcarts and bicycles with saddle bags containing key equipment.

Last year, 25 people were transported from the fair to the hospital by ambulance.

“Essentially they can start care to stabilize the patient, even someone whose life is threatened, to give the patient the best chance of survival with the least chance of disability,” said Jim Pollard, PIO with AMR.

Among the most common injuries aside from scrapes and bruises typically come from someone who has slipped and fallen or hurt themselves.

The advice they offer to prevent injuries include:

  • Bring a few bandaids for foot blisters and small scrapes
  • If you get hurt or sudden illness occurs, dial 911.
  • Wear shoes providing strong support for your ankles. Reduce the odds of falling and getting cut on the feet by wearing flat shoes with closed toes and good tread.  Flip-flops and sandals that are mainly open are not adequate.
  • Walk, don’t run. Watch where you’re walking.
  • Stand on the pavement or sit on the benches provided. Don’t sit on railings or other objects not meant to serve as seats.  A “perch” can be hazardous.
  • On arriving at and leaving the fairgrounds, cross the street only at crosswalks or other places where security officers are present to allow crossing safely
  • Watch out for emergency vehicles at the fair and on nearby streets.
  • If you are taking prescription drugs, stay on your prescription. Don’t skip doses.  If you’re due a dose of a medicine while at the fair or may need an unscheduled dose there, bring the medicine with you.
  • Keep close track of your children at all times. Teach them:  “If you get separated from me, go to a policeman or an EMT.”  Download a “child-tracker” app to your cell phones.
  • To avoid dehydration and heat exhaustion at the fair, drink lots of water starting a couple of days prior to your visit. Keep drinking plenty of water or sport drinks at the fair and afterward.  But remember:  You can get extremely sick from drinking too much water or sports drinks too fast, so don’t overdo it.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather. Sunburn is possible even in cooler weather, so use sunscreen and wear a broad-brimmed, loose-weave hat.
  • Come to the fair sober and stay sober. If your group is drinking alcohol, use a designated driver to get to and from the site.
  • If a ride looks too scary for you or your children or if you are concerned about the ride’s safety, do not ride it. There is plenty more to do at the fair.
  • On all rides, keep your hands on the grip bar. Do not lift your hands in the air in hopes of experiencing a bit of weightlessness.
  • In the livestock barns, be careful extending your hand and arm between the rails of a stall so you can pet an animal. An animal can forcefully raise its head and crush your fingers, hand or arm against a rail.
  • If you get into an argument or an argument starts near you, walk away right at the start of the alteraction. If you feel threatened, tell a law enforcement officer.

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