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Gas Station Owner Responds to Accusations in Jessica Chamber’s Death

COURTLAND, Miss. — Whoever burned Jessica Chambers alive in Panola County on December 6 still has not been arrested. People claiming to be with the hacker group Anonymous,, and others are now taking to social media to dig for clues.

Among the theories, some believe a local gang call the “Black Squad” may have something to do with the murder, and that they were using the M&M Gas Station, which was the last place Chambers was seen, for gang activity.

Groups are also pointing the finger at gas station owner Ali Alsanai, who was one of the first to post pictures of Chamber’s car and details about her cause of death on Facebook, saying he knows more than he is letting on.  Ali told NewsMS that he really does not know anything.

“I really didn’t know nothing; all I said was she came to the store. That was it. At the end people accused me of doing it. The police officer came today and said I’m better off just let it go, just no comments for anyone,” said Alsanai.

Alsanai says he was able to snap photos of the burned car because the tow-truck driver was a regular customer, and came in to buy cigarettes after picking up Jessica’s car. He went outside to take a picture and that was it.

Alsanai says he found out about Chamber’s murder around 11:00 p.m. when law enforcement came to the store.

“By the time it came to eleven, the police, the sheriff, and everybody come to the store. They said, ‘we got to watch the camera.’ I said, ‘what happened?’ He said, ‘Jessica just died.’ I’m like, ‘Oh my god what happened?’ He said they poured gasoline into her mouth, that’s how I know, cause the sheriff told me.”

When asked why 53 seconds was missing from the gas station’s surveillance footage during the time Charmbers entered and left the gas station on the night of her death, he said he does not have a clue.

There is still an $11,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest in the case. If you have information call the Panola County Sheriff’s Office at (662)563-6230.

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