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Appeals Court Considers Overturning Same Sex Marriage Bans in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas

NEW ORLEANS, La. – Judges from the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals are now considering how they will rule on same sex marriage bans in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas. Court cases were heard from all three state’s Friday in New Orleans.

District court judges in Mississippi and Texas overturned the state bans, but put a hold on marriages until a decision from a higher court. The Louisiana district court was one of the few in the country to uphold the ban.

According to reports, judges seem poised to rule 2-1 against bans on same sex marriage. During the hearings both Judge Patrick Higginbotham and Judge James Graves Jr. seemed skeptical of state’s arguments, while Judge Jerry Smith’s questing seemed like he was in favor of the bans.

The court’s decision is not expected anytime soon, but could come as early as next week.


You can listen to the Mississippi Arguments here: 

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