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Applications for Alligator Season Coming Soon

JACKSON, Miss. — If you have ever wanted to go alligator hunting, applications are coming up pretty soon. Last year there were 4,800 applications and only 810 permits were issued.

Ricky Flynt with the Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks says due to public request there is a preference point system based on the number times you apply each year that will increase your chances of getting chosen, but first time applicants should not be discouraged. Twenty-five percent of available permits are dedicated to first time applicants.

Flynt also says just because you do not have a permit does not mean you won’t be able to tag along with someone who does.

“If one gets drawn, the whole party gets to go. There is no limit to the number of people who can go with you on the alligator hunt as long as the person who has been drawn is a part of the hunting party. In fact, if you got drawn, you could literally just sit in the boat and do nothing and just watch everyone else have all the fun,” said Flynt.

Permits for hunting in public waters can be picked up June 3 – 17. The season starts August 30.

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