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Atheist Billboard Taken Down Due to Complaints

PASCAGOULA, Miss. – A billboard reading “Don’t Believe in a god? You’re not alone.” along I-10 in Pascagoula has received so many complaints,
Lamar advertising decided to take it down along with similar advertisements in Alabama and Florida. The Gulf Coast Coalition of Reason, who funded the advertisements, is now challenging agency to have their advertisements put back up.

All of them “We had a contract with them for four weeks. – apparently, Lamar had a bunch of complaints about the billboards. People found them offensive. Lamar decided it was in their best interest to take down the billboards early and not really inform us that they coming down or for what reasons until we started asking around to find out what was going on,” said Mississippi Gulf Coast Coalition of Reason spokesperson Corey Warner.

Corey says the intent of the advertisements were inform people who are not religious that they are not alone, since they may feel like outcasts in a highly religious state like Mississippi.

“They are offering a refund, but it doesn’t really help send out a message to the local populous.”

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