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Autism Spectrum Academy coming to Mississippi

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Jackson is getting a new option for schools, with the Autism Spectrum Academy. Set to open officially in August, the academy is geared to students who have autism, all across the board.

The academy will be located in Jackson on Lakeland Terrace, right behind New Summit School.

“We hope to bring in partners for the clinical side,” said Assistant Director for New learning resources, Zack New. “We have already begun the process for a partnership in OT and Speech as well.”

The school will be accessible to students ages 4-7 and possibly 8 years of age who fall within the autism spectrum. Screening will take place in order to determine what students are able to attend the school, and funding is tuition based with some outside support to help the families.

“We want to make sure we can meet the needs of the students we serve so they will go through assessments and evaluations, nothing to straining on the children,” said New.

They will be hosting a summer program, but plan to kick off in full force in August and the program will be yearlong. New said they are approaching the project as a way to help families dealing with autism in the state of Mississippi.

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