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Mississippi folks embrace unique Easter traditions

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When you think of Easter, you think of Jesus, the sunrise service, and Easter eggs.

When it comes to the variation of that tradition, your only thoughts may be “this year, we’ll switch from boiled, decorated eggs to the plastic ones.”

But for some Mississippi folks, they’ve started a tradition of their own. News Mississippi hit the streets to find out what those unique traditions are.

“Every year, we watch Jesus Christ Superstar,” said one Jackson mom. “We started doing that as kids with our parents. Now that we’re grown and have our own kids, we still get together the night before or the night of and watch Jesus Christ Superstar.”

For one man, his family chose their own variation of the Easter egg hunt.

“We use alabaster eggs, the stone eggs,” said one man. “And we reuse them from year to year. We hand them down.”

He said his oldest egg is probably 15 years old.

Others kept it more traditional. Here’s what other Mississippi folks do to celebrate Easter:

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