Memorial Day could have started in Mississippi

There is no question that Memorial Day spurred from the Civil War, but there is question to where the founding of the national holiday should be credited. “It happened during and right at the end of the Civil War with a great national outpouring of emotion about the number of people who had been killed … Continue reading “Memorial Day could have started in Mississippi”

CSpire Rolling Out 5G Connectivity in Mississippi

Dave Miller(CSpire Senior Manager – Media Relations) stops by the studio to break down all the facts surrounding their roll-out of 5G connectivity and to discuss all the other services provided by CSpire. If you missed his conversation with JT, you can find it here –

The Pearl River Clean Sweep

Camille Richards(Volunteer – The Pearl River Clean Sweep) stops by the studio to talk about a project you can take part in this weekend to clean up the Pearl River Waterway and she aloso talks about how her love for kayaking drove her to paddle around the entire state of Florida and how she is … Continue reading “The Pearl River Clean Sweep”

Connecting public safety with the wider world: the Mississippi Fusion Center

When law enforcement and public safety officials need details on a suspect, a missing person or a disaster situation, they rely on the men and women of the Mississippi Analysis and Information Center, otherwise known as the Fusion Center. The Fusion Center is a hub of information that helps police departments and sheriff offices, as … Continue reading “Connecting public safety with the wider world: the Mississippi Fusion Center”

Borkey and Mississippi’s Obsession with Fortnite

Michael Borkey(Producer – SportsTalk Mississippi | Host – The Borkey Show) stops by the studio to talk about Southern Miss deciding to sell beer and light wine at football games to touch on the recent news that Mississippi is the most Fortnite obsessed state in the Union. If you missed his conversation with JT, you … Continue reading “Borkey and Mississippi’s Obsession with Fortnite”

Steve Azar Joins the JT Show Conversation

Steve Azar(Country Music Star and Music and Cultural Ambassador for the Magnolia State) joined the conversation by phone from parts unknown to chew the fat with JT and to talk about his new song “One Mississippi” to celebrate Mississippi’s Bicentennial. If you missed his conversation with JT, you can find it here –

MDHS – Committed To Making A Difference In Mississippi

“MDHS’ employees are committed to making a difference in Mississippi. Suzanne has been with MDHS for 32 years and has held many roles with them. She says “I love to get up in the morning and come to this job because I know that I will make a difference.” Learn more>>  

Remember your pets this hurricane season

Don’t forget about your furry family members. Pet Emergencies are human emergencies. Be prepared and ensure pets safety. To learn more visit this link. This is sponsored content from our partners at MDHS.