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Back to Campus: Protect your student against theft with these tips

JACKSON, MISS—With college students having recently moved in and classes beginning, there are preventative measures that can be taken to ensure a student is safe at their new school.

Campus safety is not just about protecting the student, but also protecting their property.

“We urge our incoming freshmen to keep their property nearby,” said Rusty Keyes, with the Southern Miss Police Department. “Keep your eyes on your property, or lock it up. Use common sense.”

Campus theft is often a crime of opportunity.

“People take what they can see,” said Keyes. “Lock your car, and put your valuables in the trunk, out of sight. Don’t leave your dorm room unlocked.”

Theft prevention is more than keeping an eye on your property, it isalso about where you store your items.

“Make sure, if you have to leave something in your car, that the car is parked in a secured, well lit area,” said Keyes. “If you’re headed to the gym, rent a lock or bring your own for the lockers. Don’t leave them unattended.”


Items most often stolen on campus are backpacks, laptops, cell phones and tablets.

Keyes suggested that all students write down the serial numbers to their electronics, so that if something is stolen, it can be properly reported to the appropriate authorities.

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