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Back-to-school stirs school choice discussion

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For many, this is the final weekend parents have to prepare to head back to school. This means the final run for schools supplies, clothes, preparing breakfasts, and getting back into the routine.

One of the ways parents can see their children succeed is to become a part of their education.

“Studies have shown that parental involvement can create a better educational experience for children,” said Grant Callen, with Empower Mississippi.

However, parents can be involved to their highest ability, but a failing school district could still fail to meet the needs of the child.

“Parents could be involved, but a C, D, or F-rated school district makes that not enough,” said Callen. “That’s why we push for school choice.”

Right now, state law allows for parents to take their children across school district lines to a charter school, if the school district where they live is failing. However, there are only a handful of charter schools in Mississippi, and they’re in Jackson.

Three more charters could be opening next year, pending a hearing process from the Charter School Authorizer Board next month.

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“Our goal is to see every child have school choice in Mississippi,” said Callen.

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