Empower Mississippi is reimagining education

Recently, Empower Mississippi released Unleash Mississippi, a new white paper with policy recommendations for reimagining education and work in a post-coronavirus world. On Tuesday morning, the president of Empower, Grant Callen, joined The Gallo Show to talk about the education portion of Unleash Mississippi. “Any time you have a big industry, change is hard,” Callen … Continue reading “Empower Mississippi is reimagining education”

MDE seeks public input on CARES Act spending

The Mississippi Department of Education wants to hear from you. In a news release, the MDE stated that they are seeking public input to help the state prioritize the use of funds from the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. The CARES Act provides one-time relief funds to respond to the impact … Continue reading “MDE seeks public input on CARES Act spending”

Hosemann: healthcare, small businesses, and education are legislature’s priorities

With $300 million of the $1.25 billion granted to the state of Mississippi under the CARES Act already set aside for small businesses, Lieutenant Governor Delbert Hosemann and the rest of the Mississippi Legislature are working towards appropriating the remaining $950 million. On Monday, Hosemann told Dave Hughes of The JT Show that the legislature’s … Continue reading “Hosemann: healthcare, small businesses, and education are legislature’s priorities”

Treasurer Lynn Fitch on @TheJTShow

Mississippi State Treasurer Lynn Fitch joined the conversation to discuss a new Mississippi Department of Education requirement that will hopefully make sure graduating Seniors in High School have a better understanding of personal finance! If you missed her conversation with JT, you can find it here –  

Mississippi Early Childhood Education Success

As the saying goes, “start them young, and they will have roots.” That is certainly true for education. A solid foundation can make all the difference as a child moves through grade school and beyond. Mississippi ranked top in the country for early childhood education, being 1 of only 5 states to meet all 10 … Continue reading “Mississippi Early Childhood Education Success”

Students get the “EDGE” with a new pilot

The EDGE pilot program is a partnership with the Mississippi Department of Human Services and five community colleges across the state, including JCJC. Michael  Yarbrough SNAP E&T Pilot Project Director Jones County Junior College Advanced Technology Center joined us in studio to tell us about this exciting program.   

Career Tech is High Tech

Did you know that over 30% of jobs by 2018 will require career and technical skills?! That is why career and technical education is a good thing for the students in Mississippi. The Carl Keen Career and Technical Education Center (Carl Keen CTE) is making technical education a“Top Priority”. Students will possess career-technical skills and … Continue reading “Career Tech is High Tech”