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Beware of tanning this summer season

JACKSON, Miss.- Planning on getting that dark summer glow for so you look a little less pasty in your cut off denim shorts? Well you might want to think again.

Tanning may not be in your best interest for long term skin health. Dr. Julie Wyatt, Associate Professor with the Department of Dermatology at UMMC says all the research shows that tanning beds do increase a risk of melanoma.

“When it comes to tanning, the data, and all the research supports to stay out of tanning beds. That is an added exposure to UV light you have to pay extra for.”

UV Light is, ultraviolet light.  Dr. Wyatt recommends using sunscreen even on an overcast day. She says she recommends anywhere from SPF 30-50 but to make sure you pick one that you’ll be sure to use.

“It could be a cloudy day and you’re still going to get a significant amount of exposure…any type of tanning on the skin is a response to too much sun exposure. There is no such thing as a ‘safe tan.'”

She says the biggest problem with sunscreen is that you’re not putting enough on. Adults in a bathing suit should be using at least one ounce of sunscreen, or a quarter of a bottle.

Dr. Wyatt assures that it is never too late to start protecting your skin. If you’ve had a lot of sun damage in the past it will allow your body to handle the sun damage better.

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