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Bills dead after committee deadline

While many bills survived Tuesday’s deadline, many notable bills died in committee.

Domestic violence as a grounds for divorce will not see time on the floor as it has been killed in committee. After passing the Senate 51 to 0 SB2703 was sent to House Committee Judiciary B. Chairman of that committee, Rep. Andy Gipson, said that that bill will not leave committee. This action forces it to die on the calendar.


Gipson said the proposed bill was too open ended because domestic abuse was not defined.

“Abuse could have been someone raising their voice once or twice,” said Gipson. “I didn’t want to open the floodgates for everyone in Mississippi to have grounds for divorce.”

Mississippians will go another year without the option of early voting. Two bills that would have made that an option, HB228 and HB373 were both killed in Senate Committee.

HB228 would have allowed voters to cast ballots up to 14 days before an election and HB373 would have allowed for first time voters to register online.

Sen. Elections Chairwoman Sally Doty had previously said her committee would not take up the bills saying there are too many concerns involving hackers and online services.

“I don’t feel like this is the year,” said Doty. “There were too many questions with the campaign.. and many hacking attempts on our voter database.”

HB 974 would have removed the protection of the State Personnel Board from most state workers, but it died in committee on Tuesday.

The money that would be going to the Coast for the BP Oil Spill is now in question again after the Senate Bill earmarking the settlement for the Coast died in the House committee yesterday.

Senator Brice Wiggins, who authored the bill, said that to see the bill die is a disappointment, and that House members were only acting to quote “bring home the bacon,” and he’ll be asking the Governor for a special session.



Domestic violence not added as grounds for divorce

State employees could lose protection from state personnel board


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