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Bills in the House to watch until Wednesday deadline

Wednesday, March 8, is another “kill bill day” in which bills that have not been taken up for action are dead for the remainder of the session.

News Mississippi is following several bills on the House side that are facing the chopping block.

House Bill 638: Death penalty; revise methods by which may be carried out. Returned for concurrence. 

House Bill 1322: Light wine or beer; authorize small craft breweries to sell light wine or beer they produce on the premises of the brewery. House concurred in Senate amendments 89-21. Heads to the Governor to become law.

Senate Bill 2572: Inactive state boards, commissions, and councils; abolish. Motion to reconsider tabled. Returned for concurrence. 

Senate Bill 2274: Mississippi Development Authority; authorize to dispose of projects and pay certain costs related to such disposal. Died in committee.

Senate Bill 2710: Sanctuary Cities; prohibit adoption or enactment of. Committee amendment adopted, passed 76-41.

Senate Bill 2273: Cursive writing; direct State Board of Education to require in elementary education curriculum. Committee amendment adopted, passed 107-10.

Senate Bill 2432: Mississippi Occupational Diploma for students with disabilities and career track program; suspend for new students. Floor amendment adopted, passed 95-22.

Senate Bill 2632: Lobbying; contract lobbyist not to be compensated with public funds. Read the third time. Died on the calendar. 


Execution methods approved by State House 

Beer bill passes Senate committee

Sanctuary Cities

Senate halt on tax dollars to lobbyists held on motion to reconsider 

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