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Bringing Contraband to the Jail: Two Women Arrested at the Choctaw/Winston Lockup

LOUISVILLE, Miss.–Bringing marijuana and the papers, pills, tobacco and stocking caps to the Chcotaw/Winston Regional Jail got one woman arrested Saturday, while another may have tried to pass something to an inmate, getting her arrested, too.

Warden Neal Higgason told WCBI that Patricia O’Quinn brought the pot, pills, smokes and caps. She never made it to the visiting area. O’Quinn was searched and that’s when correctional officers found the contraband.

Glenda Hill was arrested when a guard noticed her trying to give something to an inmate. Higgason did not specify what that was. That was a separate incident.

Read the sign when you go into almost any jail, and you’ll see that by entering the grounds of the facility, you subject yourself to a search.

Both women could get serious jail time and are both banned from the jail for life.

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