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Scam Alert: Just Because They Say You Win, Doesn’t Mean You Did

JACKSON, Miss– Imagine getting a call saying you won the Publisher’s Clearing House. Joy, excitement. The caller says to just send some money so you can claim your prize. 

Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley says that’s not how the Publisher’s Clearing House works. Bogus calls like that one are scamming Mississippians out of their hard earned money.

“The calls are coming from Jamaica,” says Presley, “thousands of dollars have left Mississippi because of this scam. Especially from our elderly.”

Presley says that more action needs to be taken from Publisher’s Clearing House.

“I wrote a letter today to the CEO of the real Publisher’s Clearing House,” says Presley, “asking them to go to the media, let folks know that they don’t ask people to invest in them in order to get their winning.”

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