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What Can Get an Asst. Police Chief Fired? Try a DUI Conviction

OKOLONA, Miss.–What can get an assistant police chief fired? Try a DUI conviction. Oh yeah, throw in some charges like speeding and resisting arrest. The firing came Tuesday in Okolona and Assistant. Chief Ramona Robertson is out of a job.

You might remember hearing about her arrest by the Miss. Highway Patrol Dec. 7, 2012, a date that will live in infamy for her. Troopers said she was going 77 in a 55 and couldn’t keep it between the lines. When they tried to test her for drunk driving she got emotional and a little wild.

She told the judge she was on meds for a condition and she went on medical leave after that.

Robertson was found guilty in May and ordered to pay a $600 fine. The crimes were misdemeanors and would not technically be cause for her to be forced off the job..

The vote to fire her was 4-1 by the Okolona city council.

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