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Pistol Whipped and Cleaned Out in Kosciusko, Man Caught

KOSCIUSKO, Miss.–A violent home invasion is not the normal order of the day in Kosciusko. There are about 7,000 people there and major crimes are not unheard of, but they don’t happen every day. But, Wednesday a beast came down out of the forest and a woman lived to tell the tale, mind you with injuries to prove it. reports it happened Wednesday morning about 6:45. A man busted into a woman’s house and hit her in the head with a gun. He tied her up and gagged her.

Later he forced her into a car and made her take money out of two ATMs, about $1,000.

Then, he let her go.

His mistake: ATMs had cameras and his picture was taken.

**Update: reports that 27-year-old Channing “Buck” Kern has been arrested by Kosciusko police with the help of the Philadelphia police department.

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