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Chad Kelly’s Arrest: Buffalo News Reporter Talks About What’s Next

PHOTO: Courtesy Clemson

BUFFALO, N.Y.–What happens next with Chad Kelly may depend on what kind of a deal his lawyers can work out to clear him of misdemeanor charges after he was arrested this weekend in Buffalo, New York. Kelly was taken to jail after an incident outside a bar where he got into it with the bouncer. Witnesses also told police he threatened to get an AK-47 and “spray the place”.

“That was in the initial police report,” said Keith McShea, deputy sports editor for the Buffalo News. He was on Head to Head Monday afternoon. “That’s certainly gotten a lot of attention. It’s an inflammatory comment. It makes the story juicier than not. It was in the preliminary police report and that’s where we got it.”

It’s not the first time Kelly, who signed a scholarship with Ole Miss, has gotten into trouble. He was kicked off of the Clemson team last year after a war of words with the coaches.

That’s when the nephew of legendary Buffalo Bill Jim Kelly went to East Mississippi, where he had a lot of success and got back into the good graces of the public and football recruiters.

The incident this weekend could put the brakes on that, speculate some sports pundits.


Kelly’s lawyer has said the viral video of the incident should clear him and that it shows he did not initiate the scuffle.

“Right now he’s scheduled for a pretrial conference on Jan.5,” said McShea, who first published the story. “His lawyer is looking for a way to dispose of the case short of trial, so that’s next.”


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