Kiffin’s confidence level for on-time start to season “changes kind of weekly”

It’s a question on all of our minds as the countdown to week one continues — Will the college football season start on time? It’s been three months since the suspension of the NBA caused a domino effect that left the world of sports in a state of flux, but as of late, there are … Continue reading “Kiffin’s confidence level for on-time start to season “changes kind of weekly””

GalloShow: Ole Miss Chancellor Dr. Glenn Boyce on controversy of his appointment by IHL

Paul sat down with Dr. Glenn Boyce this morning to talk about the controversy around his appointment as the new Chancellor at the University of Mississippi, how he plans to move forward and how he plans on addressing the issues at the University. SEGMENT 1 SEGMENT 2 SEGMENT 3

GalloShow: Outrage, frustration and leaked documents amid IHL’s pick for Ole Miss chancellor

Furious Ole Miss supporters are questioning the decision by the Institutions of Higher Learning board after details of their nation-wide search for a new Ole Miss chancellor emerged. The IHL decided to hire the man who was contracted to conduct the search. His name is Glenn Boyce. Gallo caught up with SportsTalk Mississippi’s Richard Cross … Continue reading “GalloShow: Outrage, frustration and leaked documents amid IHL’s pick for Ole Miss chancellor”

College Baseball as an Economic Driver

Mary Allyn Hedges(Director of Visit Oxford) and Lynn Spruill(Mayor of Starkville) both joined the conversation by phone to discuss how hosting College World Series Regional Tournaments in Oxford and Starkville will mean big bucks for the local community. If you missed their conversations with JT, you can find them here –

Survey: March Madness boosts employee morale

Have you filled out your bracket yet? More than 70 million Americans are expected to fill out a bracket for the NCAA Tournament, competing for money or just bragging rights with friends and co-workers. But is filling out a bracket and following the “March Madness” bad for business? It can actually boost employee morale, according … Continue reading “Survey: March Madness boosts employee morale”

NCAA deliberations may be concluded before the start of Ole Miss football season

Professor Ronald J. Rychlak is the Jamie L. Whitten Chair of Law and Government and Professor of Law at the University of Mississippi. He also serves as  Faculty Athletics Representative, and in that capacity just returned from NCAA Appeals Process hearings in Indianapolis. Here is what he could say about the meeting:

Oxford Regional Info on @TheJTShow

Wesley Owens(Assisstant Athletics Director for Ticketing at Ole Miss) joins the conversation to give you an update on details surrounding the Oxford Regional this weekend – from ticket information to where to park and how to best enjoy yourself if you make your way to Swayze Field. If you missed his conversation with JT, you … Continue reading “Oxford Regional Info on @TheJTShow”

Report: Kermit Davis to be named Ole Miss head basketball coach

Just one month after Andy Kennedy’s resignation as the head basketball coach at Ole Miss, the Rebels have found his replacement. Middle Tennessee State’s Kermit Davis has been hired by Ole Miss with an announcement expected on Thursday, according to Parrish Alford of the Daily Journal . Davis, a Mississippi native, former player at Mississippi … Continue reading “Report: Kermit Davis to be named Ole Miss head basketball coach”

Which came first? The Grove or The Cowbell?

Rebecca Turner was getting the word out about a fan-vote you can participate in to determine the greatest college game day tradition, and she asked a simple question – which tradition started first? Did the Grove come first, or was the Cowbell a tradition earlier? To place your vote: Cowbell or The Grove, click this … Continue reading “Which came first? The Grove or The Cowbell?”

Mississippi’s Queen of Tailgating

Whether you wrap in Maroon and White, sing Hotty Toddy Gosh-Almighty, chant SMTTT, or sing Old Rocky Top (that was for my husband) – you can agree one of the best aspects of Mississippi football is the tailgating! The queen of Ole Miss tailgating stopped by the studio today, Jane Taylor Foster with the Zebra … Continue reading “Mississippi’s Queen of Tailgating”

Ross Bjork and Matt Luke stop by the JT Show

Ole Miss Athletics Director Ross Bjork and Interim Head Coach Matt Luke made their way to the Neshoba County Fair, and they stopped by to chat with JT on the JT Show! JT asked them about rumors surrounding the coaching search, and Matt Luke offered up how he’ll use what he’s learned from many different … Continue reading “Ross Bjork and Matt Luke stop by the JT Show”

Ole Miss responds to NCAA allegations

The University of Mississippi released a 124-page response to the Notice of Allegations against them by the NCAA, that came out earlier this year. The response says “the University has conducted an exhaustive and thoughtful examination of the evidence” which includes meticulously going over every allegation and providing a response. The University points out it is … Continue reading “Ole Miss responds to NCAA allegations”