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Chaney: Doing Away With Inspection Stickers May Cause More Laws to be Passed

JACKSON, Miss.–Doing away with inspection stickers may have some unintended consequences that could force Mississippians to better maintain their cars and trucks, speculated State Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney Thursday.

Chaney was a guest on the JT Show on SuperTalk Mississippi. He said that insurance very likely will not go up a lot for customers if the move to get rid of the $5 inspection is successful.

“We’ve talked to several of the companies. Most of them do not think it will affect automobile insurance on cost,” he said.


Chaney said if the state stops inspecting, he sees it as a two-edged sword.

“The people that already have insurance usually keep their car in pretty good repair. The people that do not have insurance are the ones that have the cracked windshield that you can’t see through or the headlight that’s out or brakes that don’t work. I’m not sure that if you do away with inspection stickers that you won’t have more of that on the road. We may need some law that says you can’t have a broken windshield.”

Chaney said premiums might go up a nickel at most.

“But, there is a possibility that you might have more wrecks on the road or more broken down vehicles.”

The possibility that inspection stickers might go the way of the dodo has turned into a probability after both the Miss. House and Senate passed bills to kill it.

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