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Childers Challenges Cochran to Contest of Ideas (Video Included)

JACKSON, Miss. – U.S. Senate Democrat nominee Travis Childers has called on Republican opponent Thad Cochran to join him in a debate at the Mississippi College School of Law.

“As a state and as a nation, we are facing great challenges today.  Great challenges that deserve an answer; and a debate form is the perfect way to see and hear the differences,” said Childers at a Thursday afternoon press conference in Jackson to announce his debate challenge. 

Cochran did not debate his Republican primary opponent, Chris McDaniel, saying instead voters can compare candidates’ records without them being on the stage together. 

Childers said, “Unlike in the Republican primary, calls for a debate cannot go unanswered in the general election.  Neglecting to acknowledge this opportunity to debate is neglecting to acknowledge the voters of Mississippi.”

Childers said he and Cochran differ on a number of issues including healthcare and the minimal wage.  “I think that’s a stark difference; … and I think the people of Mississippi deserve to hear from us in a form, a debate setting.”

Over a month ago, Childers said he accepted an invitation to debate at The University of Mississippi School of Journalism and Politics, and that debate invitation has not yet been responded to by Cochran.  He added that he also wants to debate on the Gulf Coast and in the Mississippi Delta. 

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