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Clarksdale to receive new charter school

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Clarksdale Mississippi will receive a new charter School.

However, some say that the new charter school would only create competition in the district that would hurt the system.

“The superintendent of education from Clarksdale public schools spoke at the hearing yesterday and he spoke out against this proposed charter saying that this would create competition in the district and that would hurt their competition,” said Grant Callen, President of Empower Mississippi.

Callen said he agree’s with the superintendent.

“It will create competition and I think that’s a good thing,” said Callen. “Show me any industry in the world where competition hasn’t actually helped the final product and helped students, or consumers, or whoever that be, be better served and I’m confident that’s going to happen in Clarksdale.”

Clarksdale’s charter school is planned to begin as K-2, with hopes of growing to 675 students in grades K-8 in ten years.

“I have no doubt in the world that they are going to do a fantastic job,” said Callen. “They are serving a community that sorely needs additional options and we are excited to see this school get started and we are confident that it is going to actually help put some positive pressure on the existing school system in Clarksdale and I am encouraged to see if that district doesn’t improve because of it.”

Callen said that while nine schools went through the rigorous process to decide which one would receive a charter school, only three made it to the finals, however, Clarksdale prevailed.

“I hope these other schools come back, keep working on their plan and maybe they will get approved next year,” said Callen. “We certainly need schools like this in Canton and in Drew, which was where these other two schools came from and so I would love to see them brush up their application and keep working at it and come back next year and I hope they get through the process.”

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