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Cleaning Your Gun: Safety First, Tips From the Pro

JACKSON, MISS– Two separate gun incidents over the weekend, both happened when a gun was being cleaned. So how can you avoid disaster when it’s time to clean your gun? 

One would say to unload the gun and check the chamber or magazine, but Cliff Cargill takes it one step further.

“Make sure there is absolutely no ammunition near the cleaning area,” says Cargill, “it’s Murphy’s Law. Anything that can happen around ammunition will, so don’t bring it into the area.”

Cargill is a gun expert. He teaches shooting and permit classes, including how to clean your gun.

“The next thing you’ll need is safety glasses,” says Cargill, “there are chemicals involved, and pieces that could hit you in the face while cleaning, such as the spring or bits of gunpowder.”

Cargill says aside from the ammunition and safety equipment, the area needs to be safe as well.

“Make sure you have a safe direction established,” says Cargill, “point the gun away from you, toward a brick wall. And make sure no one is on the other side of that wall.”

Through every step, despite the gun being unloaded, Cargill still checked the magazine and chamber of the revolver and glock he cleaned during the News Mississippi interview.

But if you start cleaning your gun and can’t get it back together, take it to a licensed gunsmith.

“That happens all the time, people take it apart and can’t get it back together, or it doesn’t feel right afterwards,” Cargill warns, “if you’re in over your head, take it to a pro.”

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