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Columbia Church Serving as Volunteer Headquarters Needs More Help

COLUMBIA, Miss– Since December 23, it’s been a mad scramble in Marion and Jones counties to get cleaned up after that devastating tornado.

Woodlawn Pentecostal has taken over as volunteer headquarters, but there’s still much needed and much to do.

“Garbage bags, rakes, gloves,” Pastor Jaren Carney at Woodlawn Pentecostal Church says they still need plenty of supplies, “but we mostly need manpower.”

Water, food, garbage bags and lawn equipment are among needed items, but there’s a dire need for heavier equipment.

“The volunteers have done about all they can with their hands and hand tools,” say Carney.

Carney says they need heavy equipment and skilled laborers the most, but they also need someone on the administration end as well.

“We need people to feed the volunteers, data entry to keep a record of volunteers, get liability waivers signed,” Carney adds, “we can use anyone from a young person up.”

To find out how you can help, contact Woodlawn Pentecostal Church.

Here’s what Carney says they do and don’t need:


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