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Could SCOTUS Side-Step Mississippi in Future With Gay Marriage Ruling

JACKSON, Miss.–This was a question posed Tuesday at a public-policy meeting in Jackson.

President Ed Whelan of the Ethics and Public Policy Center of Washington D.C. was the speaker at the event and had some eye-opening answers for News Mississippi on if that was possible or not.

According to Whelan, he says there is a way the U.S. Supreme Court could side-step states that aren’t onboard with gay marriage.

“The Supreme Court would rule that states are required to recognize same sex marriages in other states, or that they have to allow it in their own states.”

Whelan said he doesn’t agree with gay marriage but that’s what could happen.

“What’s happening right now is a full-fledged assault on the tradition of marriage of how it’s existed throughout human history.”

If SCOTUS were to do this, it would be the equivalent of how “normal” marriages are recognized in all states now.  For example, if a man and woman wed in Mississippi and move to Alabama they don’t have to get married again.

“That day may be here very soon, yes indeed,” he said in regards to a wide-sweeping ruling. “That day could be here in a couple of years.”

Only time will tell, but for states that don’t recognize gay marriage currently that’s what the crystal ball could hold.

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