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Court Hearings Begin Against DHS for Finger Scan Machines

JACKSON, Miss. – Opponents of the state’s new finger scan system for childcare centers say the state did not properly proceed before deciding to implement the program. A hearing took place Wednesday in Hinds County Chancery Court against the Mississippi Department of Human Services (DHS). According to a judge there, a childcare center owner says the state’s economic impact statement for the program was flawed.

Under the new finger scan system low income parents participating in free childcare programs subsidized by federal grants will be required to scan their finger in order to drop off and pick up their children. The DHS claims they will be able to put more children in the programs since they will only be paying for the time the child is at the care center with the finger scan system in place.

Opponents of the system say it is counter productive because childcare centers cannot properly budget or higher staff under the new guidelines.

Those finger scan machines will be required starting Oct. 1.

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