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Daily Digital Feb. 3: Money For Schools, Jobs for Graduates, and Fewer Perps in the Pen

For the Daily Digital, I’m Courtney Carter and today is February 3rd.

Education Funding. It’s been the big topic for the legislative session, and it continues. Monday Lt. Governor Tate Reeves said he wants to see $110 million dollars go toward public education in the state. This is double what Governor Phil Bryant allowed for in his budget suggestions made back in October, but Bryant says he’s fine with the number. The governor credits the rising state revenue for the ability to give so much more than originally planned to the public school system for Mississippi.

In fact, Governor Bryant wants to see at least 2 million dollars added to Lt. Tate Reeves suggestion. 2 million dollars would expand the Jobs for Mississippi Graduates program. Currently 52 schools in the state have it, but Governor Bryant is calling for more. The Jobs for Mississippi program is for at-risk youth that are in danger of not graduating. There’s a 90% success rate so far… 9 out of 10 students in the program graduate high school. 80% of them are hired immediately after. Bryant says the 2 million dollars would help 50 more schools join the program in the future.

Speaking of budgeting, there’s less of your taxpayer money going to the prison system. That’s because there aren’t as many inmates as there once was. The prison roster dropped off by 3000 people last year. That’s because non-violent offenders are being let out or being placed on house arrest. That leads to money being left in the prison budget.

And getting to where you’re going may not take as long… may not be as safe either. The bill to increase the speed limit for Mississippi interstates at

For the Daily Digital, I’m Courtney Carter.

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