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TIDE School to Bring Education Options for Kids With Challenges

HATTIESBURG, Miss– When you think learning disabilities, dyslexia and ADHD come to mind. At TIDE School, they’re looking at anything that can hinder a child from learning. 

Not just dyslexia, but ADD, ADHD, and even anxiety are some of the issues  that teachers at The Institute for Diverse Education School are prepared to address with their first class of students.

“Anything that isn’t necessarily on the list,” says Kristy Brady, Executive Director for TIDE School. Brady says what really sets the school apart isn’t the ability to work with the kids’ different challenges, but show them they can embrace their strengths as well.

“Many people don’t realize that students with challenges are also intellectually gifted,” says Brady.

TIDE School will have teachers trained to handle the ups and downs of ADHD, dyslexia, and any other hindrance the students may face. Since the school is for grades 7-9, the approach when dealing with these issues is different.

“With small children, there’s an outburst,” says Brady, “but when older kids don’t understand or suffer anxiety, they shut down. Nothing is getting in that brain that day.”

Brady says that’s why TIDE School came to be. 7th, 8th, and 9th grade classes start in August. 10th grade will be added in 2016, and more grades after that.

“Right now there’s not an assessment,” says Brady. Parents who think their child could use this program need a diagnosis from either a private physician or public school program for admission. More enrollment information can be found at their website.

Here’s what all Brady says about the school:

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