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Daily Digital Jan. 20: State of the Union Reaction, State of the State Preview

I’m Courtney Carter with the Daily Digital and today is January 21st.

President Obama addressed the country in the State of the Union last night. Right after, US Senator from MS Roger Wicker released his response, saying that the address was disappointing. Wicker says President Obama missed the mark when it comes to utilizing the Republican majority for the two remaining years he has in office by proposing higher taxes, bigger government and more spending.

Tonight Governor Phil Bryant will hold the State of the State address, and News Mississippi will be there. Governor Bryant is expected to discuss the growing budget and the working families tax cut. That address is at 5 this evening, and News Mississippi will have constant updates on Twitter at News underscore MS.

And speaking of tax cuts, a cut in prices in the grocery store would be greatly appreciated. Milk and beef prices soared during 2014, but Dr. John Riley, an agricultural economist at Mississippi State, says that since cow herds are growing bigger and stronger, milk prices are starting to drop. Unfortunately the beef prices won’t drop for a while… Riley says it could take up to two years for increase on the farm end to result in savings on the storefront.

And Mardi Gras in Mississippi has already started… it’s a tradition that dates back a couple hundred years at

For the Daily Digital I’m Courtney Carter.

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