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Daily Digital Jan. 28: College Savings, Special Needs Bill, Knife Pulled on Cops

With the Daily Digital I’m Courtney Carter and today is January 28th.

If you’ve got kids, you’ve thought about their education. The Mississippi Affordable College Savings plan can get you started early on tuition costs and it draws interest. When President Obama issued his state of the union address and talked about tax hikes for the upper class, he mentioned ending tax exemptions for plans such as MACS. State Treasurer Lynn Fitch says this wouldn’t impact the upper class so much as the middle class parents in Mississippi that invested in the program. The Wall Street Journal is now reporting that President Obama has dropped that exemption cut from the plan because of backlash from all sides.. so if it’s drawing interest, you still get the tax exemption.

Speaking of saving for education, The bill that would allow for parents of children with special needs to have a voucher for their child’s education passed the Senate Education Committee. It still has to pass Senate and House floors before going to the Governor to be made into law, but Gov. Bryant has already expressed his support. If it’s made into law, parents of children with special needs will be given a voucher that helps pay for private school programs, therapy, or anything else that could enhance the child’s educational experience.

Pulling a knife on the cops…. not a smart choice by a student at Amory High School Tuesday. The school had contacted the cops about the kid being a threat to those around him. When the cops showed up the kid pulled a knife on the cops… that’s when he was tazed and taken in to the juvenile detention center.

And students at Southern Miss are going to be some of the first in the State to study abroad in Cuba. What they’ll be studying at

For the Daily Digital, I’m Courtney Carter.

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