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Deer Hunting in Mississippi: There’s an App For That

JACKSON, Miss– From food plots to securing the best spot to hunt, Mississippi State Extension Services has developed apps to help you during deer season. 

It’s the season you look forward to all year. Deer season gets the hunter up at ’em early to find the best deer, once he finds the best spot. Thanks MSU Extension Services, some of the guess work can be taken out of it.

First, there’s an app for food plots. The Food Plot app calculates acreage, determines how much seed and fertilizer is needed, and what’s best for each time of the year.

“Food managers are getting plots ready all year around,” says Bronson Strickland, Associate Professor with MSU Extension Services.

Next, it’s the Deer Aging app.

“It’s important to determine the age of the deer before harvesting,” says Strickland. He says not only is it good to have the data, but also to judge what you’re getting before the taking the shot, to stay within hunting limits. The app also helps determine the type of deer and if they’re reproducing enough for that area’s population.

Then there’s the Deer Hunt app. This one is useful from the deer stand. It lets the hunter track the spots where deer have been seen, record the number, type, and age of the deer, and store data to help prepare for the next season.

“Even if it’s not for biologists,” says Strickland, “it’s still a very useful app for those who just want to track when and where they hunt.”

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