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“If They Want to Follow Behind Us,” Madison Co. Sheriff says Find Me Welcome, as Department Continues Myra Lewis Search

MADISON COUNTY, Miss. – The Madison County Sheriff Department’s search for missing toddler Myra Lewis, based on leads from psychics with the national search and rescue group Find Me, has ended. “We have exhausted all of those leads, and we still don’t know where Myra is,” said Sheriff Randy Tucker at a Friday morning press conference.

Find Me submitted a report containing GPS specific locations on Myra’s possible whereabouts to Tucker’s department last month.  Those locations were based on readings from psychics who volunteer with the group.  “We have gone to those locations. We have walked them on foot.  We’ve had dogs involved. We have physically dug in these areas.  We have yet to find anything that would lead us to believe that any of these locations would reveal the whereabouts of Myra Lewis,” Tucker explained.

“We also had a couple of areas that indicated she had been abducted and was being held by an individual.”  Tucker said investigators went to the area, interview persons and even searched homes.  “Those also proved to be unfounded.  There was no Myra sighting; no belief she would have ever been at those locations.”

Tucker thanked the Find Me group volunteers for their help “and if they have anything else that they think they can provide us and led us in a positive direction, we would be glad to have it.”

Myra’s mother earlier this week asked Find Me to come to Mississippi to help in the search for her daughter.  Find Me Founder Kelly Snyder told News Mississippi they would come if they were able to communicate with Tucker’s office first.  “We try to satisfy the needs of the family, but we have to be cognizant of the fact that the police may have something that we may actually interfere with and that is exactly what we don’t want to do,” Snyder said in an earlier interview with us.

Tucker said as of Friday he still had not talked with Snyder.  But added that, “if they want to follow behind us, and they think they have that ability to do that and feel like its necessary, that’s up to them.”

Myra, 2, disappeared from her Camden home March 1.  Tucker said his office is still actively searching for her.

Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to call police.

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Myra Lewis

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