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Delta State Shooting Motive: Police Chief, Sheriff Both Say They Are Still Looking Into It

CLEVELAND, Miss.–Many people are still wondering just what was going on to make Dr. Shannon Lamb shoot his colleague, Prof. Ethan Schmidt, three times in the door of his office Monday morning. Police investigating the crime say they are still looking into why it happened and that knowing just why might take some time.

“The investigation is on-going,” said Bolivar County Sheriff Kelvin Williams. “Allow us to continue to investigate. We’re not going to speculate on why and what happened.”

Some media outlets had reported that Schmidt and Lamb may have been involved in a “love triangle” with Amy Prentiss, Lamb’s girlfriend whom he murdered in Gautier before driving to Delta State, where he killed Schmidt.

FOX News cited unnamed sources for the claim, which has thus far, not panned out. The claim has also left some of Schmidt’s colleagues upset, though some News Mississippi have spoken with did not want to go on tape to talk about it.

Schmidt was married and had three kids.

“It’s gonna take quite a while. It was indeed a tragic event. We’re glad it’s over,” said Delta State Campus Police Chief Lynn Buford Monday night following Lamb’s suicide near his parents’ house, which is close to the Mississippi River near Greenville.

Earlier in the day, Lamb called police in Gautier to tell them he had murdered Prentiss. In his 911 call, he seemed somewhat shaken, but remained practical about the matter, asking police to take care of the dog and telling them where they could find Prentiss.

In a note he left behind, Lamb said he wished he could take it back and that Lamb was “the only woman who ever loved me”.

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