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The Deal With Iran: Mississippi’s Wicker Compares to 1938 Deal With Germany in Senate Speech

WASHINGTON, D.C.–For the second time the U.S. Senate, controlled by Republicans, has failed to pass a resolution that would disapprove the president’s deal with Iran. In a speech on the Senate floor, Mississippi’s Roger Wicker (R), compared the deal to the 1938’s Munich agreement between Britain, France, and Germany.

The speech was part of an attempt to sway senators to vote for the resolution and against Obama’s plan, which most Republicans and some Democrats believe would actually empower Iran to develop nuclear technology and allow “self-inspections”.

Here is a segment of Wicker’s speech:

“The history of events leading up to World War II is an appropriate period for examination during today’s Iran debate.  And I believe it is important to explore the question of whether the disastrous history of the Munich agreement can be instructive to Americans – and even to our allies – during the current debate.”

“Let’s look at the parallels. At Munich, Britain and France abandoned a steadfast ally.  Similarly, today’s agreement has been reached over the strenuous objections of Israel, our most reliable partner in the Middle East.  And I must emphasize that this opposition comes not only from the current Prime Minister and his Likud governing majority but also from his opponents in previous elections – from virtually every point on Israel’s political spectrum, from Labor, and from center-left voices.  Here is the near unanimous outcry from our Israeli friends:  Iran poses an existential threat to Israel and this bad deal makes matters worse.  It makes us less safe.  It makes our friends, our neighbors less safe.”

“As the whole world watched, the Munich agreement sent a chilling message to the rest of Europe as to what could now be expected from France and England.  Today, our Sunni Arab friends in the Middle East are mystified and dismayed by this Iran deal.  Understandably, their public reaction has been guarded and even muted.  Most are hedging their bets.  But make no mistake, this is not the strong anti-proliferation nuclear agreement they had hoped for.”

“This current deal and the Munich deal are also similar when we consider the history and behavior of the parties to the agreement.  Like Hitler, the current Iranian regime has repeatedly demonstrated that they have evil motivations and that they cannot be trusted.  Consider the most recent activities and pronouncements of the Iranian Supreme Leader and his team.”

“This deal has been made with a regime that still leads cheers saying ‘Death to America’ and believes in the destruction of the Jewish state.  The mullahs, the ayatollahs, and the people in charge of Iran have shown no indication that they are trustworthy.  Ayatollah Ali Khamenei last month published a new book that once again makes it explicit that it is Iran’s foreign policy to obliterate the state of Israel.  Just last week, he called America the ‘Great Satan’ and said Israel would not exist in 25 years.”

“In 2015, Secretary John Kerry has called this deal ‘a plan to ensure that Iran does not ever acquire or possess a nuclear weapon.’  Did you hear that – not just for our time or for a decade but never, according to the distinguished Secretary of State. President Obama says this agreement marks ‘one more chapter in this pursuit of a safer and more hopeful world.’  Such statements have a familiar and troubling ring.  Such words could have been uttered in 1938. And I wonder if Mr. Chamberlain’s followers ever said, ‘You know, this isn’t a very good deal but what other agreement is out there? What other choice do we have?’ The other choice might have been to stand up against a murderous bully – to stand by a friend.”

“Mr. President, this Resolution of Disapproval is not just an opportunity to sound off.  It has not been about sending a message.  This procedure was designed as the only way to prevent this bad Iran deal from actually going into effect.  We always realized that we would need a bipartisan majority to succeed.  There are currently 58 Republicans and Democrats who are willing to say officially to the President, ‘Start over and get our nation a better deal.’  We frankly need nine more courageous Senators to step forward and say no.  We are told the die is now cast, that the votes are simply not there, but I will say to my colleagues today that there is still time to do better for the American people.”

“Mr. President, Alan Dershowitz, a Harvard Law Professor Emeritus and expert on the Middle East – hardly a neo-con – summed up the President’s deal with Iran in his book ‘The Case Against the Iran Deal.’ He said this: ‘Hope is different from “faith,” though neither is an appropriate basis on which to “roll the dice” on a nuclear deal that might well threaten the security of the world.’”

“I say we should heed the warnings of people like Alan Dershowitz. We should heed the warnings of history. There is still time to reject this ill-advised agreement. There is still time to get a better result for our people. There is still time to get a better result for our future.”

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