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EdBuild report not in yet, Gov says there’s a lot to process

JACKSON, MISS– The non-profit organization EdBuild, hired from New Jersey to make recommendations for change on the Mississippi Adequate Education Program Formula, has yet to turn in their suggestions report. 

EdBuild’s report and MAEP are slated to be one of the biggest obstacles looming in this year’s legislative session.

The organization was hired in October 2016 to submit a report of suggested changes for the formula and to follow those submissions through the legislative process. At a public forum in November, EdBuild CEO Rebecca Sibilia, along with Senator Terry Burton, confirmed to News Mississippi that the report would be due by the end of 2016.

While the report is unfinished, Governor Phil Bryant said that there is still time.

“We do not need to rush this,” said Governor Bryant. “The worst that could happen is to push EdBuild to having a report on our desk on the first day, not having all the information.”

Governor Bryant said the legislative session is a long 90-day session, that legislatures have the ability to multi-task, and that waiting for Edbuild would not be a problem.

Senator Hob Bryan referenced the missed deadline on Wednesday while discussing why he believes the group isn’t needed.

“We should fund the Mississippi Adequate Education Program,” said Sen. Bryan. “And stop this nonsense of outsourcing of legislative function to an outfit from New Jersey that can’t even do its homework.”

News Mississippi will continue to follow the MAEP issue and other legislation as the legislative session continues.


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