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FBI Raid on Pimps Includes Mississippi Rescue

JACKSON, Miss.–A cross-country attack on child prostitution hit home Monday as the FBI announced 105 rescues of teenage girls that included at least one rescue in Mississippi. The raid also included the arrest on 150 pimps, 10 of those in the Magnolia State.

The Mississippi girl who was rescued was 17 years old.

“We see this vulnerability space that tends to be around 13 to 16,” said Ronald Hosko, with the FBI, at a press conference Monday. “That tends to be the age when us as loving and caring parents tend to find some differences with our teenage daughters.”

He warned that parents need to be vigilant so their teens do not end up in a vulnerable situation where they could be taken advantage of.

“The victims cut across racial lines. They cut across wealth in our country.”

Hosko said Mississippi’s capital city was one of 76 where child prostitutes were rescued. He said they were found in places like truck stops, motels, casinos, on the street and even on internet sites and social media.

No specific information was offered on the Mississippi rescue as of Monday. The children have been returned to the care of parents or social services for the most part.

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