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What Federal Government Shutdown Means for Mississippi

JACKSON, Miss. – The first government shutdown in 17 years is looking likely. The Republican controlled US House amended a federal spending bill to not include funding for the Obama-care. That bill has been shut down by the Senate.

“That’s equivalent to a child throwing a temper tantrum because they didn’t get a cookie,” said Congressman Bennie Thompson. “It’s unfortunate that the affordable care act has been caught up in the politics of a continuing resolution. The supreme court has said this is the law of the land.”

If a federal spending bill is not passed by tomorrow it would affect Mississippi in several ways. National Parks will shut down, you will not be able to get a gun permit or passport, around 19,000 federal employees in the state will not get paid, and you will not be able to get information from federal offices like Medicaid and social security.

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