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The Federal Gov’t Shutdown is Here With 19,000 Workers in Miss.

WASHINGTON, D.C.–As expected, your Washington lawmakers couldn’t come up with a solution to the federal budget issues at hand, and as a result, every Mississippian will be affected. Some 19,000 people in the state work for the federal government.

Both sides have been throwing blame at the other, but the main hang-up is ObamaCare. Some Republicans would be willing to do what is necessary to keep from funding the Affordable Care Act. Others withing the party want to see it delayed for a year.

Democrats typically believe that ObamaCare is the law of the land and that funding it ought not be an issue.

Cong. Bennie Thompson told News Mississippi that the consequences of a government shutdown for Mississippians are not worth the fight.

“For the average taxpayer, that inconvenience might be the inability to get any questions answered relative to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, because, in many instances there won’t be anyone there to answer those questions,” he said.

“It’s unfortunate the Affordable Care Act has been caught up in the politics of a continuing resolution. The Republican leadership needs to get on with it rather than to shut government down because they didn’t have their way.”

Republicans, meanwhile, like Sen. Roger Wicker, are clear in who they blame for the shutdown.

“Now is the time for the President to engage with Congress,” Wicker said Sunday. “His noticeable absence from the negotiating table is delaying real solutions for the American people. I urge the President to get off the sidelines and begin working with House Republicans to reach an agreement.”

Now that an agreement has not been reached, federal workers considered essential were expected to report for work Tuesday. Those not considered essential were expected to report for four hours to, essentially, shut down, then go home.

You probably won’t be able to visit the Vicksburg Military Park, or any of the other national parks in the state, but you will still get Social Security checks and Medicare and Medicaid benefits.

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