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Fibromyalgia: The Constant Pain and the Hope

MADISON, Miss– Fibromyalgia, or Fibro, is a chronic pain condition, but it is deeper than that. News Mississippi met with a specialist to discuss the pain and hope for Fibro patients. 

You’re in constant pain. You didn’t heal right from that wreck, or you just feel achy and it won’t quit. You’ve been to a handful of different doctors. One day you’re told it’s Fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia isn’t nerve damage, as many believe. Fibro is when the brain doesn’t release enough dopamine, your body’s natural painkiller.

“Fibromyalgia is a change in the way your brain and the spinal chord listen to the body,” says Dr. Wood, “so whatever is happening in the body comes to the brain unfiltered.”

There are many factors in fibromyalgia. Dr. Woods names hormones, genetics, and triggers such as intense physical or emotional trauma as causes. 7 out of 8 patients living with fibromyalgia are women. Fibro is characterized by constant pain lasting longer than three months both above and below the waist; pain on both sides of the body; fatigue and insomnia.

Sounds scary enough. Oftentimes people don’t quite understand Fibro enough to get the proper treatment.

“Every case is different, so it must be treated differently,” says Dr. Woods, “The FDA only approves three medications for treating Fibro.”

Fibromyalgia is a term that covers the issues in the body causing the constant pain.

“So instead of just the three medications, we treat the other issues causing the pain,” says Dr. Woods. Painkillers aren’t often used as treatment, because they can make the pain worse.

There are various causes of Fibro and many treatments, but there isn’t a cure.

“Instead of thinking in terms of a cure,” says Dr. Woods, “we treat it and manage it in a way that restores their quality of life, so they can continue what they were doing. If they’re working, be productive, if they’re a homemaker, give them that strength to do whatever gives them purpose.”

Fibromyalgia isn’t deadly.

“Fibro doesn’t shorten the lifespan,” says Dr. Woods. But untreated, the pain can get so bad that it causes conditions such as heart attacks that can lead to death.

“Some people blame pain on their Fibro and it’s something else. So whatever that condition may be isn’t treated,” Dr. Woods says.

Even though there is no cure for Fibromyalgia, there is quality treatment that can help you live your life to the fullest. Many people continue to work, go to the gym, play with their kids and everything else that gives their life meaning. Even with Fibro, you can still live a long and happy life, just with a few extra bumps in the path. With proper treatment and a good support system, a person with Fibro is capable of the same things as someone without.

Here’s the entire unedited interview for more about Fibromyalgia.



In Memory of Benjamin Taylor Head, who lived with Fibromyalgia. Ben passed away last year at the age of 24. Survived by his parents Ira and Cherry Head of Wesson, Mississippi. Despite fibromyalgia, Ben was an athlete, a star student, and a hard worker. His death was unrelated to fibromyalgia. 





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