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Gay Marriage in Mississippi: The Supreme Court Could Consider Overturning Bans

WASHINGTON, D.C.–All nine Supreme Court justices are back in Washington this week and could possibly consider today whether or not to hear cases on gay marriage bans. While Mississippi is not one of the five states with bans having been overturned, the way the court rules could have an impact on the constitutional amendment that defines marriage as between a man and a woman.

That amendment is in the state constitution.

Most who are against gay marriage in Mississippi probably believe it conflicts with traditional family values, or object based on religious concerns.

The Human Rights Campaign has claimed that people under 30 in the state are for “marriage equality”.

“Broad majorities, including majorities of Republicans in this state, say that they support legal non-discrimination protections, and the majority under 30 support marriage equality,” said a representative of the campaign at a press conference at the capitol earlier this year.

The Supreme Court justices were expected to have a closed-door conference this week to decide which cases to take up.

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