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Final debate touches on education, immigration, and accusation: Mississippians react

Las Vegas– The third and final presidential debate has come and gone, leaving less than three weeks until voters flood the polls to vote between Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. 

The debate was divided into six, 15 minute segments for 90 minutes of discussion with no commercials.

The Supreme Court was the first question was up on the block.

“The Supreme Court should stand up for all of us… for our rights as Americans,” said Clinton. “I would hope the Senate would do their job and confirm the president’s nomination.”

“We need a Supreme Court that is going to uphold the 2nd amendment,” said Trump. “The justices I’m going to appoint will be conservative.. supporters of pro-life,..scholars.”

On gun control, Clinton stated that she supports the 2nd amendment, but also supports common sense regulations to save lives.

Abortion was also discussed along with the Supreme Court, and while Trump did not admit he wants to see Roe v. Wade overturned, he said with his appointments to the court, it could happen.

“They’ll be pro-life,” said Trump. “I can see it happening (overturning) automatically.”

On immigration, Trump spoke to border patrol.

“We’re getting the drugs, they’re getting the money,” said Trump. “We’re going to build a wall, wee need the wall.”

Clinton stated that she supports border security, but not the deportation suggested by the Trump campaign.

We’d have to put them on buses..and get them out of our country,” said Clinton. “that’s a huge undertaking.”

With national security at the helm of the debate, questions circulated once again over Russia’s involvement in hacking in order to sway the election. Moderator Chris Wallace pointed out that top national security officials believe Russia plays some part.

“Of course I condemn it,” said Trump. “I don’t know Putin. We’re not best friends.. but if Russia and the United States got along that wouldn’t be a bad thing.”

On the discussion of economy, Clinton admitted to working with Bernie Sanders on a plan for debt-free college.

“Families making $125,000 or less won’t receive a bill for tuition for public colleges and universities,” said Clinton. Trump said the payment would fall to taxpayers, with taxes seeing “massive, massive increase, even doubled.”

As with the first two debates, where the tax adjustments should fall came into question. Clinton said that her plan wouldn’t add a penny to the national debt, as it would focus on having “those at the top doing their part,” and saying Trump’s plan would add $20 trillion to the deficit.

Donald Trump stated that the economy would be boosted by re-negotiating trade deals that he says were thwarted by NAFTA, which he called “the worst deal of all time,” signed by Bill Clinton that Hillary supported.

The recent accusations regarding sexual assault against Donald Trump were addressed during the debate.

“Those claims have been largely debunked,” said Trump. “I don’t know where they came from, maybe her campaign.”

Trump cited the recent exposed clips of an undercover conservative advocate with Clinton affiliates admitting to starting violence at the Chicago rally.

“Donald thinks attacking women makes him bigger,” said Clinton.

Mississippians took to Twitter to react to the debate:


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